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When there is more month at the end of the paycheck than cash and you find yourself in an emergency then a 30 day payday loan may be for you. In most cases, fourteen days is the turnaround time for repaying a payday loan but in some instances where a person is only paid one time a month, then they could be eligible for this type of payday advance.

If a person is paid from their job, or other source of income, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis then they would not be eligible for a 30 day loan. If the loan cannot be repaid within the allowed fourteen days then an extension may be requested but it should be well understood that there will be fees added to the loan.

It is not necessary to have good credit when applying for cash advance payday loans. Most lenders will not do a credit check and this one reason is why payday loans are so popular with people that have less than perfect credit. The only things necessary to apply for this type of loan is the borrower must be a minimum of 18 years of age, be a U.S. Citizen, have a steady job or other form of income, and possess a checking account.

If you are new to payday advance loans then it is in your best interest to do your homework about all of the policies and procedures surrounding these types of loans. A great place to start is right online. Even better, the internet now offers the convenience of allowing a person to apply for a cash advance right online in the comfort of their own home.

All criteria must be met before applying for a loan, in order to qualify for 30 day loan then the most important criteria is the borrower is only paid on a monthly basis.  If the borrower can prove that they are only paid on a monthly basis, then they are indeed eligible for 30 day payday loans.

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