Is There an American Dream When Debt is Present

The American dream is to basically be free, live the way you want to, and strive for something better. But many people are consequently tied down by debt, thus some people can not live the way they would like to. Stated below are a few ways to help cut down or getting out of debt.

Making a list is one of the best ways to stay on track with any goal. When dealing with debt a hard copy should be written out to understand goals to the fullest. Basically a budget, if a person is already in debt then the debts should be written down with a payment plan and available amounts of money each month to pay down the debt.

It is important to have a plan or list because this will help to keep a person on focus. It can help to make concrete the problem they are in and the ways to get out of debt. All expenses should be calculated, and if expenses can be cut in any way it should be done and then the extra money should be applied to the debt.

The best way to stay out of debt is to live under or within one’s means. This means to not buy things that a person can not afford on there current budget. If the money is not immediately in your possession than do not spend it, this would be made possible by things such as credit cards.
Do not live expensively if in fact you are not rich, you never know when your income could be cut.
Also a form of savings should always be kept, if you have no savings you are basically living paycheck to paycheck. This kind of lifestyle can be very dangerous today, the economic situation is only bound to get worse before it gets better.

The stated above ways to stay out of debt or cut down on debt do not apply to all people, but most. Sometimes it is necessary to deprive yourself of luxuries things for a time. That way you can make sure in the long run you and your family is taken care of.

How to Decide on The Best Credit Card

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How do you choose from all the credit cards out there which is the best credit card for you? There are a few questions you can ask yourself that will help you decide which credit card is best.

Whether you intend to carry a balance every month or not is one important question. Even if a person does not intend to carry a balance it can happen, thus a lower interest rate is usually desired. This way if a balance is carried to the next month the interest charged to the amount is small. With a higher interest rate amounts of money can rack up fast if the balance is not paid off in full. The interest rate is very important if a person plans to only make the minimum payment each month.

If a person plans to use their credit card heavily then a credit card with rewards would be a good option. Rewards come in the form of cash back or redeemable miles, and the amount is based on how much money a person spends. The rewards differ on each credit card so this should be looked at carefully. Also the amount spent in order to redeem rewards should be known plus some even have expiration dates. But if a person plans to use their credit card heavily already then rewards are a great addition.

How often a person plans to use a credit card is good to know when the application of the annual fee comes into play. The annual fee on a credit card can range from nothing to a few hundred dollars, thus the amount of use a person gives to their credit card becomes important. If a person uses a credit card very little they will not want one with a high annual fee, thus most of their payment will be due to the annual fee for just possessing the card. Thus finding a card with a low or no annual fee would be the best plan.

If a person has bad credit then they may not be able to receive a credit card. Therefore a secured credit card may be their best option, this is a card that is reported to make credit better. An amount is deposited to be the credit limit such as $1,000 then purchases can be made up to that limit. The amount is paid on just like a credit card and if a person fails to pay then the amount is subtracted from the base balance.