What Stated Income Loans Can Do For You

The stated income loan is a debt instrument for mortgage purposes.  For this reason, it has been one of the hardest hit debt instruments of the economic crisis of 2008.  More than half of the bad debts that lead to the closure of financial institutions began with mortgage closures.  For this reason, the current mortgage rates will border between the median amounts.    The stated loan requirements will be simple, which is to provide your basic information the so-called “income” that you earn.  This is where the lying portion comes in as you get to state any range of profit as you are unable to provide proof.

On this loan application, there is the underlying agreement between the parties there will be no income verification to be conducted.  This loan product is perfect for home mortgage borrowers who are unable to give documentation for their proof of income.  These debtors will have acceptable credit, but will only lack one requirement, which is the profit statement.  This is the debt instrument that is mostly applicable to those self-employed persons.  Hence, the only solution for them to get their dream houses would be the stated loans and debts.

One major hand-up of this loan type is that the lender will require the borrower to apply and sign for an IRS Form 4506.  This is a loan requirement that will authorize the lender to conduct tax return investigations.  This will delve into the checking of the tax returns of the borrower for the past two years.  This is only a collateral issue that will act as a way to curtail the large income pronouncements of the borrower.  This is a way to encourage the debtor to try to set their income only to a smaller degree that is nearer to what they really earn.

It is said that these lenders may agree not to check the stated income.  However, they will certainly do check the source to the income for which you claim to have.  As an additional requirement, the lenders may ask that you must have worked in the same business for at least two years.  Alternatively, if you are a project and salaried employee, you must have worked in the same industry.  This is because they will make the necessary research on the industry and will base it on the average level, whether the profits you listed will be in a level to that.