Getting A Bad Credit Cell Phone – A How To Guide

For people with good credit, the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to get a cell phone is to subscribe to mobile phone plans offered by many cellular providers. But to people with bad credit or no credit, getting a phone and a plan is a little cumbersome. However with a little patience and know – how, you will surely find a no credit check cell phone.

How To Get A Cell Phone With Bad Credit Or No Credit

Look and shop around from local cellular shops or online. Check popular mobile phone providers like Sprint, Cricket, Verizon, and T – Mobile. These companies are big and they have a wide variety of services offered like cell phone plans for bad credit and all you have to do is to apply for one. However, most of these companies will ask you to place a deposit before you can get a particular phone and a plan. Also, the amount of deposit depends on the several factors such as the phone type, model, and cost, plan available, and your credit situation. If you have a very bad credit or you have no credit at all, then you will be a risk to their business so most probably, you will be getting a more expensive deposit rate. However, placing a deposit should not be an issue because you can normally refund it after 12 months of on – time payments or you can choose to have it credited into your account so that you will not pay for your cell phone bill for several months. The problem arises when you will be able to mess on your monthly bills because if this happens, you will not be able to use or refund the money you have deposited. It is the policy of these companies to forfeit deposits in case you miss payments or upon default. Another way is to get a co – signer for the plan. This will somehow reduce the rate of the deposit and this can also possibly allow you great deals on bad credit cell phones.


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