Debt Solutions for Different Credit Ratings

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A bad credit rating makes life more difficult today than how it used to in the past years. Since the start of the “credit crunch,” it has become increasingly difficult to borrow from lenders. This is because lenders have become more careful in lending money to their loan applicants.

One type of loan that people try to obtain is the debt consolidation loan. This is a personal loan that aims to help individuals who practice good financial management but want to simplify their debts by decreasing their monthly payments. This loan primarily requires a good credit standing in order to get approval. Hence, individuals with bad credit standing may have a difficult time obtaining this type of loan.

A debt consolidation loan works by obtaining a new loan to be able to pay other current debts. Also, this type of loan is not a loan for people with bad credit. It simplifies debts by combining different debts into one single, large loan. It makes budgeting easier. It may decrease interest charges. It also prevents the possibility of missing some payments. Furthermore, the payment term for debt consolidation loans can be extended. Longer payment terms decreases the monthly payments but increases the total loan amount because of interest rates.

Additionally, this is not a home refinance or a bad credit refinance loan. This kind of loan is usually unsecured so there is no collateral. In a typical home refinance, the house would be used to collateralize the debt.

As mentioned, debt consolidation loans are not ideal for problem debts. It cannot solve any financial problem and may even worsen the situation of an individual in a credit rut because of giving an additional loan.
But, there are other kinds of debt solutions that can be an option for individuals with debt problems. Debt management plans and Individual Voluntary Arrangements are two of these very rare types of loans for people with bad credit. Both of these have proven to be helpful for people. However, it takes a lot of commitment from the individual to settle it. Moreover, these debt solutions may call for the approval of unsecured creditors.