How To Prepare For Consultation Meetings With Bankruptcy Attorneys

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One of the challenges people facing bankruptcy experience is that they have no idea how to properly prepare for their consultation meetings with bankruptcy attorneys in Los Angeles. They do not realize that the more homework they do and documentation they bring in, the more they will get out of their visit.

A bankruptcy attorney in California will need proof of your financial predicaments. Giving him your word is not enough. Bankruptcy attorneys in Los Angeles do not only need the documentation for their own files; they also require these details for the paperwork they have to file on your behalf.

You can speed up your Los Angeles bankruptcy by:

  1. Cataloguing all valuable assets like your property, vehicles, bonds, expensive jewelry and art work, etc. Verify that all the details you mention are correct. How much did you pay for your possessions and how much are they worth today?
  2. Composing a list of all the debts you have accumulated. Who do you owe money and how much? Complete the list with detailed contact information of these creditors. Look up the addresses and phone numbers that are missing. Without them, bankruptcy attorneys in Los Angeles cannot get in touch with these creditors to inform them about your bankruptcy application. If the creditors do not know that you are filing for bankruptcy, they will continue to harass you.
  3. Gathering as much paperwork related to your debt as possible. If you do not want to leave original documents with your Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer, make photocopies. These duplicated can always be notarized. Put a file folder together with bank statements, bills showing how much you owe, threatening mail from creditors and collection agencies, canceled checks, credit card statements, car repossession notices, and anything else bankruptcy attorneys in Los Angeles may need. Call the lawyer’s firm with your questions as any detail that is missing will cause a significant delay in the bankruptcy filing process.
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