Common Personal Bankruptcy Issues to Consider

Even though most bankruptcies are straightforward, sometimes certain situations arise that require the expertise of a professional. If you find that an unusual circumstance arises during your bankruptcy, it is best to consult with an experienced lawyer in order to work through the complexity of the situation.

Complicated Bankruptcy Issues

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The services of a Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer are suggested if you are dealing with the following circumstances:

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  • Homeowners Association Fees: If you in the middle of a foreclosure, be careful during the bankruptcy process because the HOA may still come after you for the monthly fees. Even though you are no longer living in the home, the HOA may continue to hold you responsible for the fees until the foreclosure is finalized.
  • Homeowner Mortgage Loopholes: Sometimes, trustees appointed by the court will comb through mortgage paperwork to look for mistakes in the processing. During bankruptcy, you may think that your home is safe since payments are on time each month, but the trustee will look for a reason to sell the home because of errors in the paperwork.
  • Divorce: If a spouse takes responsibility for a debt during divorce proceedings, the other spouse may think that they no longer have responsibility. But, both spouses may be held responsible for the payments if a bankruptcy occurs.

Managing Bankruptcy

In some situations, a person may be able to handle the bankruptcy paperwork on their own, because they don’t have any unusual circumstances to deal with. But, if one of these complicated bankruptcy issues arises, it is important to call a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible in order to avoid more complications.

A bankruptcy attorney can analyze your personal situation in order to determine the best way to move forward. These professionals are experienced in working with various types of financial situations, and they can accommodate any type of client.

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