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With the vast rate of unemployment these days, it is hard to find a job. You can go around town job hunting but would still come up empty handed at the end of the day. The reason for this is that there are just too many people searching for a job and just very few job opportunities. A hundred people are applying yet there is only one vacancy.

It is truly perplexing how companies choose their employees among thousands of applicants. But they are surely going to choose the best among the group so it is not a guarantee having a degree regarding that profession. You may be qualified in the transcripts but you may fail during interviews. So finding a job is a combination of hard work, perseverance, background, reference, and luck. Nothing is ever sure these days unless you are the son or daughter of the owner of the company.

Even odd jobs are hard to find nowadays. It is difficult since a lot of people now are taking any jobs they can get their hands on. But then odd jobs are better than what other people resort to doing. Some people because they have fallen on hard times result to swindling, thievery, robbery, fraud, being prostitutes, and some even killers for hire.

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But enough of the gruesome talk. Let’s think solutions! What can we do to escape the tragedy that is life? How to survive and remain almost unscathed? Because sometimes the easiest way out is the most damaging. It is better to sweat your backs off than losing your dignity.

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Starting a business would be one solution to the unemployment craze going around. Aside from helping yourself, you are also helping others get a job. More establishments mean more job opportunities. It does not guarantee a hundred percent success rate so it is up to you to take the risk.

One of the businesses with higher success rate is food. If you worry about your capital, then look for small business loans for restaurant financing. It does not have to be grand but one can do much with a small business loan. Where to find the right type of restaurant financing? You just have to ask around. But don’t go asking help from shady people. They actually do more harm than good. You might end up worse than you were before you started.

It takes a lot of guts and brains in order for a business to work. One can never stay passive in this area of life. If you feel cold feet haunting you then just think “No guts, no glory”.

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