Living Debt Free can bring Happiness

Blue Trust Loans

I have always been taught that money can’t buy happiness. I don’t disagree with that notion, but I can attest that money and financial security do play a part. The most difficult times in my life have all been centered on the stress related to my financial situation.

The recent burst of the housing bubble has affected everyone to some extent, even those that didn’t participate in a sub-prime mortgage. Many jobs have been lost, wages have been lowered, and the cost of many products has shot up. The combination has affected many Americans, including myself.

The downfall of the economy caused me to lose my job and seek less paying jobs. If though I was not receiving the same wages, I was still trying to live the same lifestyle. I was accumulating more and more debt on my credit cards until I eventually maxed them out. I had two car payments and close to fifty thousand in unsecured debt. I could no longer make my afford my minimum payments and was struggling to provide for my family. I had exhausted all my resources and didn’t know where to turn. After speaking with a close friend, I realized that my best option would be to consider seeking a local St. Louis bankruptcy attorney.

Initially, I felt somewhat ashamed. I had always looked at bankruptcy in a negative light, but after meeting with the bankruptcy attorney and learning about the various options that are available, I begin to understand that I was not alone. Many Americans are struggling and need assistance. With the help of the attorney, I was able to file bankruptcy and still keep my home and cars. The relief and stress was lifted and I am able to provide for my family’s needs. I have learned a great lesson and will work to maintain my financial stability.