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When it comes to finances and being human we all make mistakes, it’s only natural. However, the consequences of the mistakes we made are sure to haunt us. One of the hardest mistakes to manage is a mistake in financial decisions. Sometimes, we think we’ve made a good investment or we think we’re spending only slightly over our means but then our assumptions can easily turn into the biggest mistakes we ever made. Before we know it, we would be unable to make payments, we’re going to face foreclosures and creditors would be making our lives living hells. It’s a choice of either letting yourself suffer through all this or ending it all through seeking free bankruptcy help and actually filing one.

Bankruptcy may be a very undesirable option but when you know in that the only other options left is trying to win the lottery or robbing a bank, you’ve got to do it. You can relieve yourself of your financial burdens gradually if you’d only be given a fresh start and bankruptcy is often the only answer. Of course you’ll have to think of legal fees but you have to understand lawyers are professionally bound to provide clients who are financially hard-up with their legal services. Pro Bono or free legal services are recommended by the American Bar Association for all attorneys and these services should amount to at least 50 hours annually.

There are organizations that provide free legal assistance if you would but search. If you plan to approach a private lawyer, however, explain your situation truthfully and then ask if he or she can waive the fees completely. If the bankruptcy attorney refuses, ask for a reference or if he or she can provide you with names of other attorneys or organizations that can help you with your case. For certain, there’s an organization or attorney willing to provide you with free bankruptcy help.

You can also try looking for state and county bar associations in the local phone directory in order to find yourself legal representation. Many such associations have their own pro bono programs for individuals who can’t pay legal fees. If you happen to have contacted an organization who does pro bono work but do not have an attorney available for you at the moment, they would most likely refer you to other organizations listed in your area that provide free legal assistance.

It is not hard to find free bankruptcy help but you have to be diligent as there are a lot of people seeking for free legal assistance each day and legal advocates may run short. If you still have some means to pay but in some less haggard payment scheme, try arranging one with an attorney. As before, explain your situation and try to negotiate if you can pay some amount every month until you have fully paid the fees due. Some attorneys agree to holding off on full retainer and settling for payment plans. It will allow you to hire a lawyer without having to pay a large amount upfront.

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