Forming New Habits That Will Shape Your Spending Routine

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Though it may seem quite simple, saving money and being wise comes down to two words that shouldn’t be taken very lightly: self control and discipline. Many people go throughout their lives spending frivolously, seeing no end in sight. They decide to tightly close their eyes, choosing to be numb to a shopping addiction or multiple bad habits.

Perhaps it’s time for people who fall into this category to see the light. Everyone has faults and people also have several different weaknesses. If one of the weaknesses is money, it’s time to make a change. If you’ve tried several different money saving methods with no resolution, revert to common sense and form a few small habits that might turn into life changing patterns. Train your mind to understand that there are consequences to actions by asking yourself the following questions.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

If your answer is on a beach in Hawaii, you better start saving. There is no way you can see yourself retiring at an early age unless you have the incentive to save. Pack away money in the bank, and save for your future. Start doing this right away.

Do you want to have a family?

Providing for your children is important and determines where they will be raised and how they will be raised. Obviously money does not buy happiness, but in order to pay for your child’s education and perhaps one day send them off to college, your finances will pave the way. If you really do want to have a family and create a healthy family life, start instilling a good habit of setting money aside for your future life.

Is that designer purse or nice car really worth it?

Ask yourself why your motivation is having nice things. Perhaps you love fashion and it is your hobby. That’s great if you can put money aside to occasionally buy nice things from your favorite designers, but getting carried away with a name brand or other sort of expensive activity can result in credit card debt and guilt. If you have material items that you know you will never wear in a life time, try selling them on eBay or giving them away to charity. Earning money back and giving to others will help you see that you don’t need everything that looks enticing.

Discipline and self control are two little words with big meanings. It’s hard forming a life time habit of taking care of your finances and making good decisions. Perhaps you were raised in a family that never understood how important it is to save. You can be the changing force by implementing new habits today. Plan for your future and invest in things that money just can’t buy, for example, happiness, love, and a caring family.

Sierra enjoys writing and that’s why she is a fashion blogger for, a shopping site that saves you money through coupons, and additional hot deals. She runs a blog at Ocean Dreams

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