Top Ten IPhone Apps to Manage Your Money

If you’re looking to make managing your finances easier, there are multiple IPhone apps that will help you do just that.  There different types of financial apps to suit your needs and best of all, many of them are free.

  1. If you phone has internet access, you can access your banking information through you bank’s website.  On the other hand, if you bank with Chase, they offer a free app for android and iPhone users that allows you to view account details and take a picture of your check with your camera’s phone to make a deposit.
  2. For saving receipts, an app by lets you take pictures of receipts with your phone and forward them to an online account that saves the data.  This is a great way to keep track of receipts for tax purposes. The app is free and available on Android, Blackberry and the iPhone.
  3. Looking to end late-payment fees? Pageonce money & bills app helps you keep track of utility payments, bills and shopping.  It gives reminders of when bills are due so you don’t miss a payment.  Available free on Android, Blackberry and iPhone.
  4. The iRewardchart app helps your kids earn rewards by completing tasks set by you.  Cost is $3.99 and available only on the iPhone.
  5. offers a free app that helps you track your budget.  It collects information from your bank account and credit cards and places information into categories to help you track purchases.
  6. What to know how much a loan will cost you? If you plan on getting a car, home or student loan the app Loan Shark by Foggy Noggin gives you an idea on how long it will take to pay it off. The app is available on the iPhone for $2.99.
  7. If you want something plain and simple, Ace Budget by SVT Software offers a simple budget app that is easy to use and allows you to categorize transactions, review progress and create a budget.  The app is available on the iPhone for $1.99.
  8. If you owe someone money, PayPal has a free app that allows you to make a payment from your account to the person you owe money to. Available on Android and iPhones.
  9.  Need to find an ATM? A free app called ATM Hunter helps you hunt down the closest ATM.  You also learn of the ATM network to choose so you can avoid fees. Available on Android and iPhones.
  10. The iCredit Calculator helps you calculate how long it takes to pay off credit cards.  Available on the iPhone.

Andrew writes frequently about personal finance as well as issues effecting both consumers and small businesses, covering everything from savings to mortgages to credit card applications.

How to reduce your credit card debts

Many individuals have been forced to default on their credit card debts and this could be due to several reasons of which include unemployment, recession, and layoffs. Every day more and more people are not paying back what they owe and with the interest piling up, they may think that there is no end in sight, but in reality it is possible to reduce your credit card debts and either pay less per month or not have to pay at all. The ways that credit card debts are reduced is through lowering rates, balance reduction negotiation, and debt settlement. All of these either help you to pay the debt off quicker or eliminate part of the debt itself.

One of the ways that you can lower your debt is through a balance transfer. A lot of companies that deal with credit cards offer a deal that lasts for several months and involve 0% on transfers in order to give you time to make payments on the principal. What you will want to do here is choose the credit card with the least amount of debt on it and transfer it over. After paying off the account, you can add the card’s monthly payment to another card that has the next lowest balance. Finally, you can close out that account after it has been paid off in order to raise your credit score.

Another way to lower debt is to negotiate for a lower rate. Most credit card companies will lower rates for individuals, especially when the individual is using a debt management company. The debt management company will handle your monthly payments and lower the rates with a credit card company. This option includes debt management plans that could have you out of short term debt within 5 years and allow you to breathe once you have a good credit score come from it.

One final way to lower your credit card debt is debt settlement. Debt settlement should be used as a last resort because it causes long term effects on your credit and can cost you your credit score altogether since it is essentially like bankruptcy. Once the company who is involved with the credit card debt receives word that an individual has reduced the amount that they need to pay off, the company lets a credit report agency know and they will keep this information on your record for seven years.

Andrew writes frequently about personal finance as well as issues effecting both consumers and small businesses, covering everything from credit cards to mortgages to umbrella companies.