Using the Internet to Better Manage Your Money!

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The Internet is, without doubt, the most useful tool modern society has at its disposal. Aside from endless hours of entertainment watching people fall over on Youtube and catching up with celebrity gossip on Twitter, there are really, genuinely useful applications for the mammoth amount of information online and at our fingertips.

One such use for the Internet is in effective money management. There are forums, websites, blogs and even videos that can teach us little hints and tricks that will help us to budget better and keep our bank balances looking a little healthier. Here are three ways in which we feel the Internet can be put to best use in money management.

Money Saving!

Voucher codes – use forums, voucher code websites and blogs to find discount codes to save on your online purchases. But don’t stop there!

Price comparison – if you are going to make a purchase, it now takes just moments to find out where the best place to make that purchase is. Google Shopping and other purpose built sites will let you compare prices from across the web on almost any product you can think of!

Cashback – there are many cashback websites where, when you make certain purchases, the website will give you a certain amount of cash (based on affiliate or similar relationships they have with the retailer). So if you’re going to make a purchase anyway, you might as well do so through a cashback website!


No matter where in the world you live, you will be able to find budgeting spread sheets and hints tailored to you. You can even find tools that will help you to work out how much income you will receive after tax (based on tax in your own country). Use the search engines to find tools relevant to you and keep an eye on personal finance websites and forums for budgeting hints and tips. People love to share their own advice and this can be really beneficial.

Increasing Your Income

Freelancing – The Internet is home to several well populated and established freelance websites that enable you to make money out of any skill you have! Check them out, make some contacts and earn some money from home.

Selling – eBay springs to mind when thinking about making some money online. There are also websites that let you make and sell your own crafts and similar.

So step away from Youtube, click off Twitter and close down Facebook. It’s time to start putting the Internet to use in creating a healthier bank balance!

This post was a contributon by Aaron Hewitt, who is a personal finance blogger in the UK, specialising in debt management and IVA solutions.

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#1 Alexander Collins on 01.13.12 at 6:17 am

Fiverr (all tasks – 5 USD) is a good start for freelancers. You can practice there a lot and get some feedback, get base of clients. Then, move your profile to Elance and start to provide the same staff but with the higher price.

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