How to Save Money on Work Lunches?

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Food is an important part of any budget, but it is one area that varies a great deal from one person to another based on budget and the amount of time one has at their disposal. Living at such tough economic times that have characterized the recent past, saving money and cutting down on expenses should be top on your priority list. How do you save money on work lunches while still enjoy your favorite meals? Be advised that you do not save money by forgoing your lunch, as a matter of fact; skipping lunch could be detrimental to your health, if not for anything else because you will end up overeating at dinner time. Following are some ideas to save money on work lunches while making healthy eating choices.


Carry snacks with you to work

Not allowing yourself to get to the point where you feel ‘I am so hungry I could eat a whole horse by myself’ will help you make a more logical choice when you go out for lunch. Getting to a point of extreme hunger often always translates to eating large burgers and sandwiches. Carrying simple snacks and salads at work is not only affordable and healthy but will also help you feel full throughout the day, so you end up eating less during lunch hour and saving some cash in the process.


Carry packed lunch

This is the greatest money saving tip on work lunches you could ever find anywhere in the world today. Fast food choices costs a significant amount of money, and opting for a healthy quality meal would cost you even more. The main challenge most people face when it comes to packed lunch to work is dealing with appetite fatigue i.e. getting tired and bored of the same thing day in day out. The good news is that if you take the time to prepare your meals, you can be able to vary your lunch menu each day of the week. You can also bag leftovers and bring them with you to work.


Potluck lunches

Rather than go out every day of the week to eat lunch with colleagues, you can arrange with colleagues where each people brings a different dish. You could also rotate among colleagues where each one would have a turn to prepare lunch for the group. This not only introduces variety to your lunch menu but you also get to cut down on the cost of preparing or buying lunch each day of the week.


Plan a lunch exchange program

This is more or less like the potluck lunch program where a group of friends or colleagues come together and plan a lunch exchange program every two weeks. Most people prefer doing this over the weekend or in the evening. Each member prepares one meal that can be refrigerated or frozen and portions it out such that each member can carry a serving home. This not only cuts down on the prep time needed for lunch meals during the week, it also saves one a significant amount of cash in the long run.


Denis Bowler is a freelance writer that contributes to and really like to share tips in order to help people make some savings.

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