How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill

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When you look at your electric bill, you may find it is higher than what you expected to see. You may start to wonder how exactly you can save money on your electric bill. The problem is, much of the advice you find is not going to be useful and this can lead to you thinking it is impossible to save money on this bill. Here are five tips to help you save money on this bill, but unlike other advice, this is practical advice that can be used quickly and right away!

1. Turn Items Off

You may have heard this a thousand times growing up, but this makes a huge difference in your monthly bill. For example, if you leave just one bedroom light most days, it can easily increase your bill by a couple of dollars. A couple of dollars may not seem like much, but factor this in with the other lights and televisions on a regular basis. Once you take this step, you will notice that those couple of dollars can easily add up to close to one hundred dollars. So turning them off will drastically lower your bill, even if by a couple of dollars, at a time.

2. Unplug It

You probably leave your microwave and other appliances plugged in all the time. The problem is, the only reason they are plugged in most of the time is for ease of use. If you are able to get to the plug, you should unplug the item and so you don’t have to worry about it increasing your bill (because it will – anything you leave plug in drains energy). The downside of doing this is you may have to plug the item back in and possibly reset a clock to use the item, so figure out what’s more important to you.

3. Change Light Bulbs

Older-style bulbs are going to draw more electric and not last as long. If you change these to newer CFL bulbs, you can say goodbye to recurring expenses. Simply buy a few new bulbs at once, and you most likely won’t have to buy another one for a couple of years. This will be required for everyone soon, so get used to it now!

4. Hand Dry

Most people do not realize this, but a huge-energy sucker is the dryer. If you live in an area with a lot of wind or even sunny days, you need to take advantage of this. Hanging the clothes outside on a line or inside in the sunlight. Not only will they your clothes dry naturally, but the suns rays will also kill off any of the bacteria which could land on the clothes.

5. It’s Done!

For convenience, a great item to have plugged in all the time is a cell phone. The problem is, these will constantly draw power, even when they are fully charged. If you want to save money, you need to unplug these as soon as they are done charging.

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