Free Money – 7 Ways to Save Money without Even Trying

Saving money often means making sacrifices. Fortunately, some sacrifices are easy to make. If you need to cut money out of your budget, start by employing these simple tricks to free up some extra cash without too much suffering.

Make your own cup of coffee. Fancy coffee drinks can cost upwards of $4 a cup, and they’re easy to replicate at home. Invest in high-quality coffee and a few flavored creamers and buy a travel mug or thermos so you can bring your confections to work.

Eat meals made at home. Reserve your eating-out experiences to one relaxing meal a week or less, and focus the rest of your meal expenses on groceries. Make it your goal to try a new recipe each week so you don’t get bored with the same old meals. Not only are home-cooked meals cheaper, they’re also healthier and taste better than most processed restaurant fare.

Dry your clothes out in the backyard. Clothes dryers use quite a bit of electricity. You can save money by washing your clothes in the machine and hanging them out on a clothesline or rack to dry. It’s not only cheaper; it’s better for the environment and is more delicate on clothing, so your clothes will last longer.

Save your loose change. Every time you empty your pockets, put all the excess change into a jar and then don’t touch it. Over time, this money will build up substantially. Once every few months, roll all the loose change and deposit it at the bank.

Cancel your magazine subscriptions. You don’t have to quit all your hobbies, but be selective about which you choose to pay for, and you’ll save money in the long term. Decide what’s most important to you, and cancel your other services. For example, you might decide you don’t need cable if you have Netflix, or you could opt out of a gym membership and work out at home instead.

Clip saving coupons. Coupons aren’t just for groceries; you can use them for discounts on car repairs, pedicures and even tax preparation help. In order to get the most for your money, only use coupons for items you would have bought anyway, and try to combine coupons with sales or other promotions.

Buy used instead of new. Plenty of items, from furniture to books, are just as effective used as new but cost a whole lot less. Try shopping at a used bookstore, consignment store or pawnshop. Just make sure the items you buy are undamaged and in good working order, since most of these shops don’t accept returns.

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Once you’ve cut unnecessary expenses, you may need to continue trimming your budget in order to get your finances in line. The extra money you’ve saved from cutting frivolous spending can make it much easier to maintain your budget, and with careful financial planning, you can find space in your budget to enjoy your favorite activities. offers tons of helpful tips and advice on saving money, saving energy, and finding free money.