Simple Methods Women Use to Save Big

Saving money is something everyone knows they should do; whether or not they actually do it is an entirely different story. Some people choose to save money for a rainy day, others for their dream vacation. Others choose to save money to create an emergency fund that will protect them in case something unexpected happens and they need money to help them get through whatever the situation is. Whatever you are trying to save for, there are easy ways you can save. Women, especially, have a number of unique and easy ways they can save money for a rainy day.


One of the easiest ways a woman can save money is to simply make a phone call. By calling her credit card company and asking for a lower interest rate, she can save hundreds of dollars in interest each year. Many card companies are happy to help a consumer that calls and asks for a little help; they will be more inclined to help a consumer that has made all of her payments on time and has no negative history with the card company. By kindly informing her credit card company that she is considering leaving for a card with a lower interest rate, she may be able to negotiate a lower rate for herself, as card companies do not want to lose business.

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Use Coupon Codes

Women are notorious online shoppers and they love nothing more than buying their favorite designer items for less than full price. Women can save a significant amount of money at their favorite retailers when shopping online by simply entering the name of the retailer plus the word coupon into any internet search engine. Hundreds of coupon sites will appear with lists of coupons that will save them money on everything from shipping to a percentage off their entire purchase. This is a great way for women to save on their favorite products every time they shop.

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Use the Dishwasher

While many people do use their dishwashers on a nightly basis, they think it’s simply because they are a little lazy and would rather not hand wash dishes. This is not the case. Using the dishwasher is far more cost effective than washing dishes by hand; especially for women who have energy efficient dishwashers.

No More Bottled Water

Many people choose to drink water straight from a bottle than from the tap; this is not at all cost effective. The average family spends a little more than $1,200 per year on bottled mountain water when a water filtration system that fits right over their kitchen faucet costs as little as $30 at the hardware store. This is a huge savings for everyone. Instead of spending that $7 per case on water, women can put that money in a piggy bank or in their savings account and use it at Christmas to buy presents or on their next family vacation.

Read Instructions

Household items such as shampoo, laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid come with instructions on the back. These are not just for fun, they are for a purpose. By using the amount that is specified on the back of the bottle of your household items rather than simply pouring things into the washing machine or dishwasher, you will save money because you will use less each time, which means you won’t have to restock that item as often.

Women are savvy; they can save money even when no one else can figure out how to. This is why women are often the ones in control of the budget. There are so many things that women can do to save money on everyday items, on things they don’t need often and on things they didn’t even know they could save on. Money can be saved in a myriad of places; not just the places that seem obvious. Women know to turn off the lights when the leave a room and they know to find coupons for groceries, but looking for coupons for shoes and hair accessories can only help.

Another method to save big is to compare car insurance quotes offered by various insurers. By using a quote comparison service like Kanetix, you could save up to $600 or more on your insurance in just minutes. Apply online today to save time and money.

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