Tips to Save Money for a Rainy Day

Extra funds for a rainy day are always welcome. Finding loose change in the couch or forgotten cash in the laundry is always cause for celebration. Use these tips to save money for a rainy day fund so that you’ll always be ready to celebrate!

Save Loose Change

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The first step in saving money is taking stock of the money you already possess. Set up a jar in the bathroom or laundry room for any loose change found in pockets or purses. If such money isn’t accounted for or saved, it is easily spent without purposed thought.

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Start Meal Planning

One of the most variable expenses in any budget is the grocery section. Junk food, fast food, and restaurant meals can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars a month. Meal planning allows you to choose ahead of time what food you will be eating. Once the meal planning is done, stick to the list at the grocery store and keep an eye out for coupons that fit your grocery list. If you are used to eating out often, plan a lunch or dinner out once a week so you don’t feel deprived. Keep in mind that lunches out are frequently cheaper than dinner. Meal planning means less trips to the grocery store and more cash and time saved!

Choose Free Entertainment

Entertainment can drain cash flow quickly with trips to the movie theater or high cable bills. Consider ditching the cable in favor of watching shows for free or a nominal monthly fee via the internet. HDMI cables are able to sync televisions and computers and, depending on the internet connection, may be able to play High Definition broadcasts. Get to know your library and the media options there. Keep an eye on new movies coming out and put in your library request early to reserve the DVD. Often, using this technique, you are able to checkout brand new DVDs for a full week without any cost. Many libraries also stock entire seasons of television shows.

Know Your Utilities

Keep an eye on the fluctuations of gas and electricity bills. Consider adjusting the thermostat before leaving for work or begin using a programmable thermostat to use lower the utility bill. Challenge everyone to see how long they take in the shower and decide whether improvements should or could be made. Be aware of leaving lights on when not in a room or appliances left on when no one is using them. As another variable section in the budget, it may be in your favor to ask the utility company to do a free efficiency check on your residence. Some cheap fixes in leaks or behaviors can save a lot of money over time.

Swap Services

Discuss saving money with friends and family. Bartering or swapping services can save a bundle of money. Service skills such as hairstyling or landscaping could be swapped for meal preparation or snow removal. Develop a helpful community between friends and everyone will be left with some extra cash in their pocket.

Amber Tate always endorses saving money whether that’s adding more to the piggy bank or not needing to spend as much for say, your travel insurance when you travel.

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