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Ways to Save Money on Your Car

Gas TankWith gas prices skyrocketing, we’re all looking for ways to save money on our car – or figure out ways to drive less! But driving is quite integral to everyday life in the United States – public transportation isn’t that great (in most non-urban locations) and many places that we would need to run errands to daily or weekly are not within walking distance.

So what should you do?


Well, first things first, when you were shopping for cars (or if you’re shopping for a new one) you should make sure that you get all the discounts that you can up front, and do what you can to talk down the price. And if you’re really looking to save, you can go for the smaller model – they’re usually cheaper, and because they are lighter, they will often get better gas mileage.

You’re also going to want to be wary of buying any kind of insurance through the car dealership – life insurance or otherwise. You’ll end up paying a whole lot more (up to 500% more) and – on top of that- probably paying interest too.

Fuel economy is going to play in to your purchasing as well – but don’t just go by what the stated MPG is – remember to take into account any number of factors that will lower your mileage, like using the air conditioning, manual versus automatic gear shifting, 4 versus 6 cylinder. All of these will impact the gas mileage of the car – take into account what you’re willing to sacrifice for gas mileage.

Car Use


When you actually have your car, one of the easiest ways to save on gas is not use any higher than the recommended octane for your car – that alone is saving you probably about 15 cents a gallon, so around $15 a fill-up.

As I’m sure you’ve already done, but just a friendly reminder, is to stake out all your local gas stations and see who has the cheapest gas. There’s high competition, so there is bound to be some variation.

This last tip for gas consumption may be a bit hard for some of the lead foots out there – don’t be an aggressive driver! Every time you rev the engine, you’re increasing your fuel consumption drastically, as much as 2 miles per gallon. That’s a lot of lost gas mileage over the course of a year. So keep an eye on your acceleration and don’t push your car too the red too often.


Regularly (every 3,000 miles) change your oil – and make sure that you actually read your car owner’s manual, so you know what kind of repairs and regular maintenance you should be doing on your car – and so that you’re in the know if the car repair shop tells you you need to change something that you may not actually need to.

You’re going to also want to keep copies of all the work that has been done on your car, and know what has been done, so you don’t end up doing the same work twice, or anything like that.

Don’t Use It All The Time

If you need to run errands just down the road, walk or bike, don’t use your car! It’s a very simple way to save money on gas and on car maintenance, but it’s one that a lot of people seem to avoid or forget about – you don’t have to drive everywhere.

What do you do to save money on your car?

Regina Clark is a freelance writer who thinks that saving money on cars – which includes staying safe with proper insurance. If you don’t know that much about insurance, here’s a guide to comprehensive auto insurance that you may find helpful. What do you think are the things that you should pay more for on your car?

How To Keep Your Friends And Finances Separate

Keep Money and Friends Separate

(photo courtesy of twodolla on Flickr)

Everybody counts on their friends for advice. Our friends keep us stable, help us when we are frustrated or scared, and celebrate with us when we have reached goals and achieved milestones. There are casual friends, whom we like to spend time with and have a good laugh. Then there are those few close friends, with whom we share our life secrets, our deepest thoughts and our problems.

The closest of friends knows when something is bothering you. If you do not volunteer information, they will ask. It is a comfortable feeling, knowing that you can confide in your best friend, and he or she will make you feel better, offer solutions, and even help you resolve your problems.

Gifting or loaning money is another issue altogether. While moral support is important to all of us, and means so much as we wade through life, monetary support is not something we should become involved with when it comes to our best friends. Borrowing a couple bucks to get lunch or putting a few items on a credit card is something friends do for each other all the time. However, when it comes to large money issues, the lines should be drawn.

You need a quick fix to a temporary cash flow problem, or it is time to pay the rent or the mortgage and you are short. In these times, late payments, even a few days late, affect your credit rating negatively. If you have a friend who has the means, and you ask to borrow money, they may say “yes.”  They may feel obligated to say that, in order to keep your friendship. But it may not be the best idea.

There are other solutions, ones that will keep your close friendships intact. Canada payday loans online may be the solution for you. A payday loan is, as the name applies, a short-term cash loan. While banks and loan companies have very strict policies, which makes qualifying for a loan difficult at best, a payday loan can be more within your reach.

A payday loan is a short-term solution to a short-term cash problem. You can apply online and if approved, the money will be transferred directly into your account in a shorter time than it would take to wait for a loan approval from the bank or loan company. You can use the cash to make that payment and keep your credit rating intact. As we all know, a good credit score is very important these days.

Life Without Debt

Make sure you understand all the terms of the loan, as it is a loan and does need to be paid back according to the contract. Securing a payday loan will help keep your finances and your friendships intact, but make sure to adhere with the agreed-upon policies to avoid falling deeper into bigger financial troubles.


Put Newfound Money to Good Use

Life Without Debt

If you’re like most people then your finances are probably a continually worrying topic. You’ve tried simplifying, getting an extra side-job but it always seems as if the outgo far exceeds income. But with work you’re finally seeing a little bit of positive light at the end of the tunnel and you’re finally getting a little breathing room. Though for so long you’ve been strapped for cash that you’re way behind on bills and in dire need of some basic necessities. So where to begin? When you finally start to have a little extra cash each month here are a few matters that should be taken care of first…

Outstanding Debt/Bills

In order to truly get back on your feet you need to do whatever it takes to become debt free. One of the best ways to get ahead is to put a portion of any salary raises, tax refunds, or any other unexpected funds toward your debts and outstanding monthly bills. What with late charges and exorbitant interest rates it’s a wonder anyone can ever see their way clear of debt, but by systematically chipping away you’ll be financially free in no time.

Preventative Health Checkups

Your health is not something to take for granted or to overlook altogether. Yet that is precisely what happens when money is tight. So when you find yourself getting back on track be sure to get your annual exam, and your eyes and teeth checked. Health problems rarely get better by themselves over time. Don’t let small troubles turn into big ones.

Car Repairs

In order for most people to make the funds a good running car is usually a necessity. Still, too many let car repairs fall by the wayside, even when money starts coming back in. Make sure that your car is safe, reliable and legal because traffic tickets due to faulty lights is just like throwing trash into the garbage. Check your tires and also repair and fluid leaks as soon as you can afford to so that your little repairs don’t turn into big troubles.

And finally…

Buy at least one thing that makes you feel good, whether it’s a sharp new haircut, a silk scarf you’ve been eyeing or maybe drinks out when you can actually treat a friend. Living with a continued feeling of “lack” can be really hard on the psyche; it makes you wonder what’s the whole point of slaving at a day job if you’re never going to get to enjoy the rewards of your labor. Sure, life is about working toward a better tomorrow but it’s also about finding simple and affordable ways to enjoy the now.

Written by Erin Nolan. If due a PPI Insurance refund use it to get back on track. www.ppiclaims.org.uk

Secrets to Getting the Best Deals Online

Life Without Debt

If there was not enough proof already, another reason the internet is so great is because it makes it easy for people to get discounts on products.  Before the internet many people were cutting out coupons and searching through the Sunday ads to find deals.  Now it is easy to get a deal on almost anything because the deals are endless.  Many people have their go-to websites.  Some websites have coupons and others have online deals.  Many people find ways to save on groceries while someone else is planning their dream vacation with fewer costs.  With all the resources there are discounts and savings for anyone.

Take Your Time

To start finding deal it is important to remember to be patient.  There may not be a coupon or savings event going on at that time but that doesn’t mean that it will not go on sale in the future.  When a product goes on the market it typically costs a lot especially if it is popular.  After a few months it will start to go on sale and will be more cost effective to buy then.  After a product has been on the market for a while some early adopters will purchase the product then sell it on craigslist or eBay.  Another thing to keep in mind is to purchase a product out of season.  For instance a snow board or set of skis will be cheaper in the summertime then in the wintertime.

Newsletters and Email Alerts

Alright, emails can get extremely annoying especially from those companies that send out something every day.  The positive side of this is that there are amazing deals that come out of email marketing.  It is possible to create filters on your email account to help sort out the newsletters from the spam.  If you have your eye on a specific product you can also use certain websites to track those products and alert you when a lower price shows up.

Cyber Coupons and Gift Cards

There are also plenty of websites that offer weekly or even daily coupons.  These sites may not have products on there that you are interested in purchasing but after checking in a few times you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.  Other websites will offer gift cards to be purchased online to be purchased for a more expensive item.  For instance, someone can buy a $75 gift card online for only $50.  This will save the consumer $25 in the end.

Start Searching

Check out online deals you never know what you may find whether it is a spa day for you mom or a coupon for a wine cafe.  Just remember to be patient because eventually you will find something to benefit you.

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