How To Keep Your Friends And Finances Separate

Keep Money and Friends Separate

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Everybody counts on their friends for advice. Our friends keep us stable, help us when we are frustrated or scared, and celebrate with us when we have reached goals and achieved milestones. There are casual friends, whom we like to spend time with and have a good laugh. Then there are those few close friends, with whom we share our life secrets, our deepest thoughts and our problems.

The closest of friends knows when something is bothering you. If you do not volunteer information, they will ask. It is a comfortable feeling, knowing that you can confide in your best friend, and he or she will make you feel better, offer solutions, and even help you resolve your problems.

Gifting or loaning money is another issue altogether. While moral support is important to all of us, and means so much as we wade through life, monetary support is not something we should become involved with when it comes to our best friends. Borrowing a couple bucks to get lunch or putting a few items on a credit card is something friends do for each other all the time. However, when it comes to large money issues, the lines should be drawn.

You need a quick fix to a temporary cash flow problem, or it is time to pay the rent or the mortgage and you are short. In these times, late payments, even a few days late, affect your credit rating negatively. If you have a friend who has the means, and you ask to borrow money, they may say “yes.”  They may feel obligated to say that, in order to keep your friendship. But it may not be the best idea.

There are other solutions, ones that will keep your close friendships intact. Canada payday loans online may be the solution for you. A payday loan is, as the name applies, a short-term cash loan. While banks and loan companies have very strict policies, which makes qualifying for a loan difficult at best, a payday loan can be more within your reach.

A payday loan is a short-term solution to a short-term cash problem. You can apply online and if approved, the money will be transferred directly into your account in a shorter time than it would take to wait for a loan approval from the bank or loan company. You can use the cash to make that payment and keep your credit rating intact. As we all know, a good credit score is very important these days.

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Make sure you understand all the terms of the loan, as it is a loan and does need to be paid back according to the contract. Securing a payday loan will help keep your finances and your friendships intact, but make sure to adhere with the agreed-upon policies to avoid falling deeper into bigger financial troubles.


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