Mortgage Calculators: Find Out How Much You Can Afford and How Much You Can Save


Discover’s easy-to-use online mortgage calculators can help simplify the home loan process.  Variable inputs enable you to calculate how much house you can afford,your estimated monthly mortgage payments,and how much you can reduce your payment by refinancing, among other important financial considerations.

Next to each calculator you’ll find current rates for 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed and 5/1 adjustable rate mortgages for guidance.   Dropdown menus and helpful explanations and guidance features are there to walk you through the inputs.

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Five Great Jobs for Quick Holiday Cash

Quick Holiday Cash

Quick Holiday Cash

It’s the most-expensive time of the year. Whether it involves buying presents or paying for travel, the holidays can cost a lot of money. Here are five jobs that don’t require much training but still pay good money to help you cover those extra holiday expenses.

5. Amusement and recreation attendants

Families typically get together during the holidays and they need things to do besides sit around and annoy each other. Take advantage of the increase in holiday entertainment options and find a part-time job as an amusement or recreation attendant. A job like this might … Read the rest

The Health Impact Of Debt

The Health Impact Of Debt

Most consumers will attempt to avoid getting into debt. No one takes pleasure in having to pay interest or worry about a debt payment. When someone gets in over their head, they may be forced to take advantage of some sort of debt solution such as a debt consolidation or bankruptcy. Having debt can cause the consumer to be anxious and to feel stress. Having too much debt and not being able to make bill payments on time can have a psychological impact on a person. Often, dealing with the stress of debt can cause … Read the rest

Debt Settlement Compared to Debt Consolidation

Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation are not the same. This particular infographic measures up important elements of both.

Debt Consolidation Vs Debt Settlement
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How Easy Is It To Find Out My Credit Score

How Do I Find Out My Credit Score

It is quite important to know your credit score annually. You may have heard or read about individuals who don’t know their score. They only find out after being a victim of identity theft. They learn the cost of ignorance. It can take much time and effort to repair the damage. You may wonder, how do I find out my credit score? It is fairly easy.

There are numerous ways to find out your credit score. There are free services online you can use to obtain your credit score. These … Read the rest

Paying Off Your Credit Card Debts

With the introduction of credit cards in the financial world, life has become simpler because one does not have to worry about carrying cash around, in order for them to pay for some things they may need. However, more often than not many people find that they are swamped in credit card debts and have no idea how the accumulated amount got that high and how to settle down the credit card debts is still a mystery to them.

Credit Card Debts

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can employ to free yourself from the financial prison of credit … Read the rest