Checking Account Promotions for New Customers

When people search for a new bank to do business with, one of the first things they look at is whether the bank has free bank checking account promotions. This is a method of saving money from the start and the banks know this. Banks are very competitive and will add additional benefits for their new customers.

Because the debit card is so popular, fewer checks are written than ever before and banks have the ability to save on personnel, thereby forwarding some savings to their customers. There are times when banks will waive charges on ATM withdrawals because so many people use them machines frequently.

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Banking institutions can at anytime stop the process of promotions without consumer knowledge. So when you are setting up a new account with a bank, it is important to pay attention as to the promotion periods. Some banks market their services so competitively that they will offer gifts to entice the consumer. Everything from picnic ensembles to free phones has been offered to reel in customers.

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Along with free checking account promotions, one of the greatest benefits to banking is the advent of online banking. This service has become a great convenience over the past several years. Any bank of notoriety offers this to their customers. Processing funds transfers from checking to savings accounts are common, and easily accomplished from the comfort of your own home.

Some checking account promotions offer free checking for customers that are over a certain age. Others may offer additional benefits when a certain amount of capital is transferred into a new savings account from a competing bank. Many will waive fees when multiple accounts are opened between family members.

They may offer low interest rate and easy to get credit business cards and ATM cards when any family member uses them. There seems to be no end as to what banks will offer to reel in customers. But banking sure has been a lot less expensive over the past decade.

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