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If you’re like most people then your finances are probably a continually worrying topic. You’ve tried simplifying, getting an extra side-job but it always seems as if the outgo far exceeds income. But with work you’re finally seeing a little bit of positive light at the end of the tunnel and you’re finally getting a little breathing room. Though for so long you’ve been strapped for cash that you’re way behind on bills and in dire need of some basic necessities. So where to begin? When you finally start to have a little extra cash each month here are a few matters that should be taken care of first…

Outstanding Debt/Bills

Let Us Help You Get Out Of Debt

In order to truly get back on your feet you need to do whatever it takes to become debt free. One of the best ways to get ahead is to put a portion of any salary raises, tax refunds, or any other unexpected funds toward your debts and outstanding monthly bills. What with late charges and exorbitant interest rates it’s a wonder anyone can ever see their way clear of debt, but by systematically chipping away you’ll be financially free in no time.

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Preventative Health Checkups

Your health is not something to take for granted or to overlook altogether. Yet that is precisely what happens when money is tight. So when you find yourself getting back on track be sure to get your annual exam, and your eyes and teeth checked. Health problems rarely get better by themselves over time. Don’t let small troubles turn into big ones.

Car Repairs

In order for most people to make the funds a good running car is usually a necessity. Still, too many let car repairs fall by the wayside, even when money starts coming back in. Make sure that your car is safe, reliable and legal because traffic tickets due to faulty lights is just like throwing trash into the garbage. Check your tires and also repair and fluid leaks as soon as you can afford to so that your little repairs don’t turn into big troubles.

And finally…

Buy at least one thing that makes you feel good, whether it’s a sharp new haircut, a silk scarf you’ve been eyeing or maybe drinks out when you can actually treat a friend. Living with a continued feeling of “lack” can be really hard on the psyche; it makes you wonder what’s the whole point of slaving at a day job if you’re never going to get to enjoy the rewards of your labor. Sure, life is about working toward a better tomorrow but it’s also about finding simple and affordable ways to enjoy the now.

Written by Erin Nolan. If due a PPI Insurance refund use it to get back on track. www.ppiclaims.org.uk

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