The Health Impact Of Debt

The Health Impact Of Debt

Most consumers will attempt to avoid getting into debt. No one takes pleasure in having to pay interest or worry about a debt payment. When someone gets in over their head, they may be forced to take advantage of some sort of debt solution such as a debt consolidation or bankruptcy. Having debt can cause the consumer to be anxious and to feel stress. Having too much debt and not being able to make bill payments on time can have a psychological impact on a person. Often, dealing with the stress of debt can cause other health issues that the person might not even consider could be related.

In an Associated Press survey it was discovered that those experiencing stress concerning their debt suffered from ulcers, migraines, anxiety, and severe depression. The rate of heart attacks were also doubled when compared to those with low stress levels.

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The people with high debt also reported that they had more trouble concentrating and sleeping than those who were not battling high debt.

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With the lack of improvement in the economy, more and more people are finding themselves in the battle of high consumer debt. This fact makes this survey as relevant today as it was a couple of years ago when it was conducted.

Although it may not be possible to eliminate all of their debt overnight, there are a few things that a person can do in order to cope better. The source of the stress must determined and a plan created in order to overcome the problem. Spending must be decreased while income should be increased.

Eating healthy and exercising can also be helpful when trying to get control over the amount of stress a person feels. These things can also make a person feel better in general.

Putting things into a positive prospective will also be helpful. This will help to relieve some of the stress that is felt about debt.

If the amount of stress and anxiety a consumer is facing is too much for them to handle, there is no shame in seeking the help of a professional. This will be particularly helpful if the person finds that they are having difficulty functioning on a day to day basis.

One should research the pros and cons when deciding between debt consolidation and bankruptcy. This will help them to make the best choice for their particular situation and in the end protect their health.

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